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I’m Lina M. Gomez-Vasquez, Assistant Professor in the Digital Communication Program at Universidad del Este in Puerto Rico. I have a PhD in Business with a concentration in Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Sustainability from Universitat Jaume I in Castellón de la Plana, Spain.

My research interests are in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication, Social Media Marketing, and Public Relations.

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The beautiful Keweenaw

Portage Canal, Houghton, MI

I never imagined to live in the beautiful Keweenaw peninsula in Michigan. It is such a magical and enchanted place.  I left the Keweenaw months ago and I miss it so much. I quote my dear friend, Neely, she said that the Keweenaw never leaves a person who has lived there:

“There is just something about the place.

Maybe it’s the 200-300 inches of snow every year.

Maybe it’s the aching need for summer after 7 months of snow on the ground.

Maybe it’s being surrounded by the most glorious lake in the world.

Maybe it’s the community.

Who can know these things? But most of us who leave go back. At least to visit”

Hopefully, I’ll visit the Keweenaw  soon and get charmed by this extraordinary place.


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